How a group of school teachers built a successful learning platform for kids



Kashin is a gamified learning platform that empowers teachers and educators to motivate students by rewarding their learning achievements and positive behaviors. Using Kashin, educators can assign educational content such as videos, games, lessons, and quizzes, and attach monetary rewards to both academic accomplishments and desirable behaviors. This unique method fosters a more engaging and rewarding educational experience for students, driving their motivation and enthusiasm for learning.
K-12 Education
$27 million
Executive Director of IT

The Challenge

The founding team initially embarked on their journey to build the platform by engaging a freelancer from a well-known freelance platform. Despite dedicating over a year and investing more than $10,000 of their personal funds, they encountered multiple obstacles in bringing the platform to market. Recognizing these challenges, the Kashin team began to explore alternative solutions that were both reliable and cost-effective. It was during this search, the team was introduced to Minutly by a startup coach, marking a pivotal moment in their quest to bring their vision into reality.

The Solution

During the introductory call, Minutly recognized the application's complexity, given its multiple stakeholders, including students, teachers, and schools. The delivery team introduced the founders to one of Minutly's key concepts: the agile feature approach, which involves breaking down complex ideas into smaller, manageable work items. The team quickly embraced this agile methodology, identifying 25 essential features and requesting proposals from development teams within the Minutly platform. The Kashin team proceeded with the development by selecting a team from the platform. Minutly's built-in workflows facilitated seamless collaboration between the development and founding teams, allowing them to complete and sign off on features incrementally. By adhering to this process, the team was able to complete the entire product in 12 weeks, achieving significant cost savings.

The Result

The Kashin team has consistently utilized the Minutly platform and its resources over the past three years to refine and enhance their educational platform. Echoing Henry Ford's words, 'Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success,' the Minutly platform has once again demonstrated that exceptional work results from the synergy of people, processes, and tools united towards achieving common goals.

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Ravin Chatrapati
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