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Organizations use teams as opposed to individuals for the purpose of problem solving, foster creativity and innovation, increase efficiency, boost productivity, and more.

10 Tips to create Most Valuable Product (MVP)

The startup landscape is rapidly changing. Few years back, having a good idea was more than sufficient to launch a startup.

How to create an effective user journey mapping

Often product owners spend enormous time, funds and effort building a product, but realize the product is not quite connecting with the users as expected.

How to keep startup cost low

The startup landscape is changing rapidly with more and more startups are created everyday. As this is an encouraging sign of entrepreneurship, statistics shows nine out of ten startups fail in five years.

What, why and how to build a product catalog

Product that begins with an idea goes through different stages from development, launch, growth, maintenance to retirement. In the early stages, while thinking through the idea, talking to

Case Study: How a group of school teachers

Kashin app is a gamified learning platform for students that pays to learn. Kashin is helping teachers/educators reward students based on learning and behavior, creating a fun environment.

Product features prioritization methods

Product evolves over the years and one of the most important aspects of a product engineering is bringing right features to the market thus creating continuous value to the business.

How Speech IQ went from idea to launch in 8 weeks

Speech IQ is an AI and machine learning application, that aids people to self-improve on their communication and presentation skills through practice and machine generated automated feedback.

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