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Build IT Excellence with Flexible Talent and On-demand Services


Standarize your IT

Establish consistency, compliance, and best practices with industry standard templates, forms, and AI generated documents.

Build Flexible Teams

Kickstart your projects with the right talent from anywhere. Assemble your team quickly, or let Minutly help you onboard the right team.

Work Management

Working with remote, distributed teams can be challenging. Minutly’s simplified workflows enable you to complete work with less effort.

Payment Distribution

Our integrated payment system keep tracks of the work performed and distributes payments. Manage all your spending in one place.
IT Service Management

Find Essential IT Services for Your Business in Minutes

With Minutly, manage everyday business needs faster. Order services and enjoy fast, reliable, and guaranteed delivery.

IT Service Requests

Fulfill your IT service needs—new user accounts, application access, software licenses, password resets, and more—quickly and efficiently.

IT Infrastructure Setup

Build, configure, and operationalize your cloud infrastructure with ease, allowing you to focus on growth and scalability when needed.

App Development

Find cost-effective planning, design, and development services than can help you build and launch new web or mobile app, fast and easy.

Website & Digital Marketing

Establish a strong online presence with custom web design and essential digital marketing, sales, and support features.

IT Process & Methodology

Implement, setup, and configure the essential software tools and processes needed to run your project or product management practices efficiently.

Maintenance & Support

Bridge talent gaps with fractional resources to maintain and support your applications. Keep your systems running with flexible teams.

How growing businesses are using Minutly for project work

Discover how TalentCapture, an HR firm, leveraged global IT talent to enhance its operational efficiency and drive business success.

At TalentCapture we were looking for a platform to engage multiple vendors in a way that ensures accountability. We were not finding this with other platforms we had tried. This platform has brought tremendous value and a potential game-changer. Awesome product!

Jeff Oliver
CEO - TalentCapture

Find solutions for your organization size

Start your business with essential digital assets - Website, CRM, Apps, IT Support, and More.
Expand your IT capabilities, unlock growth, and achieve success with customized solutions.
Build resilience and future-proof your business. Kickstart your projects when they matter most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A flexible workforce is a staffing strategy that typically involves freelancers, contractors, agencies, or service providers. It allows businesses to adapt quickly to market changes, bridge talent gaps more effectively, and access a broader range of skills and expertise on demand. Building a flexible workforce is advantageous because it provides operational flexibility, reduces overhead costs, and enhances the ability to meet project-specific requirements swiftly and efficiently.

Managing work with a flexible workforce involves several additional steps, including sourcing, contracting, tracking work products, and handling payments—tasks that general work platforms does not support. Minutly is specifically designed to meet these needs, integrating both workforce management and financial transactions into a single, streamlined platform. This integration allows you to efficiently source the right talent for your projects and manage payments seamlessly, all while maintaining compliance and oversight. By using Minutly, you gain a specialized solution that simplifies the complexities of hiring, managing, and paying a flexible workforce, enabling you to focus more on growth and less on administrative tasks.

IT projects are generally complex and require collaborative, team-based efforts. Minutly stands out from other flexible work platforms by focusing specifically on the IT sector, providing a tailored experience that addresses the unique challenges and complexities of IT projects. Unlike general platforms, Minutly fosters a team-based collaborative environment that supports the entire lifecycle of IT services and project execution. This includes procuring IT services and managing complex projects that necessitate refined IT processes, such as Agile work management.

Exceptional work results from the proper alignment of project objectives with the right talent, processes, and tools. At Minutly, we ensure that every project begins with a detailed scope of work, the right team, and detail estimates. Our deliverable-based pricing model guarantees that you pay only for completed work, significantly reducing project risks. This structured approach ensures that projects are executed effectively, consistently meeting your specifications and quality standards at every step.

At Minutly, our primary objective is to make technology transparent, affordable, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and is successfully used by customers from diverse backgrounds—including startups, new businesses, college graduates, teachers, retired professionals, and enterprises. If you need any assistance or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you succeed!


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