Sell your
Application Development
Services in Minutes

Instantly package, sell, deliver, and collect payments for your application development services


One Platform, multiple ways to grow your business


Save Time & Resources

Pre-packaged services cuts down significant time on planning and proposals

Sell Easily

Clear, straightforward services make it easier for clients to make buying decision

Better Utilization

Keep you teams engaged with different clients and on multiple projects

Predictable Revenue

Enjoy stable, predictable, recurring revenue stream with set service packages

Package project or product management as a service

User journey maps, project planning, backlogs, roadmaps, documentation, and more

Package application design as a service

UI/U design, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and more

Package application development as a service

Web, mobile application development, devops, and more

Package application infrastructure as a service

Compute, storage, network, cloud hosting, infrastructure setup and monitoring

Package application testing & QA as a service

Test strategy & planning, documentation, test execution, test automation, defect tracking

Package fractional resources as a service

Project Managers, Designers, Developers, Testers, DevOps engineers

Features & Benefits

The One platform that brings everything for you in one place


Easy Packaging

Use prebuilt templates and feature list to easily build your unique service

AI Co-Pilot

Easily setup SEO friendly catalog, clear deliverables, and images

Flexible Pricing

Setup deliverable based fixed or T&M pricing that best works for you

Offers & Discount

Increase sales with free, discounted, or promotional offers

Marketing Automation

Reach cutomers through SEO friendly Landing page, social share, or email

Delivery Tools

Process orders, respond customer inquiries, and manage work progress

Online Payments

Integrated systems keep tracks of billing, collections, and payments

Easily Scalable

Perfectly suited for both simple solutions or large, complex projects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Productizing services allows for the creation of standardized staffing solutions that can be efficiently replicated and scaled. This streamlines the staffing process, reducing the time and resources needed to tailor solutions for each individual client.

With productized services, you can offer clear, fixed pricing structures. This transparency is appealing to clients as it simplifies budgeting and financial planning, and it also provides your agency with predictable revenue streams.

Productized services can be more easily marketed and sold to a broader audience. They allow for clearer marketing messages and can be tailored to meet the needs of different market segments, helping to expand your client base and scale your business.

By offering predefined service packages, clients can easily understand what they are getting without the need for lengthy consultations or negotiations. This simplifies the buying process, leading to a better customer experience and potentially higher client satisfaction and loyalty.


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