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Fix talent gaps with on-demand, specialized teams

Technology is changing fast creating many tools, platforms and frameworks. Finding right talent and bringing them together can be intimidating, expensive and time consuming. At Minutly, we've hundreds of pre-built teams with specialized talent that you can use in a short notice. Contact us, let's connect you with the right talent fast & easy.

How it Works?

Tell us whether you need a specific talent or a team
We'll help connect you with right talent or assemble a team for you
Get the work done using your internal or Minutly tools
Use our integrated payment tools to process invoice and payments

Fix, build or grow your talent, on-demand

Fix talent gaps

Timing is critical for business success. With Minutly, you don't have to wait for months or years to fix the talent gaps. Whether you need help short-term, just for a few hours, days or weeks, we can help you find suitable team.


Build new talent

As business grows, there is always need for new talent. While you build the internal talent, Minutly can help bridge the gap in the short-term.

Grow your talent

On-demand talent is here to stay. Grow your global talent with less commitment.

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